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Express-Interfracht Internationale Spedition GmbH
Ital-Impex GmbH
Express Internationale Speditionsgesellschaft was founded as a private company in 1947. Since the beginning the company has been active in the rail sector in East European markets.   Ital-Impex GmbH is an Austrian based transport company. We are specialized in the transport of frozen goods throughout Europe.
Road International Transport&Logistics GmbH
Launched as a document delivery company in the Washington in 1986 LaserShip has evolved into a total delivery partner.   Road International is as reliable partner for freight, linehaul-, part and individual full load traffic, based in Rankweil, Austria.
Schildecker Transport GmbH
Transdanubia Spedition Gmbh
For more than 35 years Schildecker Transport GmbH has been concerned with the transportation of bulk goods and fluids.   Transdanubia was incorporated in Vienna 1965 to expand international transport to and from all parts of Europe.
Welz Internationale Spedition GmbH
WELZ Internationale Spedition GmbH was founded in 1924. We specialize in handling all logistic services in the areas of Eastern Europe, South-East-Europe as well as overseas shipments.  

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